Booking with a Travel Agent
is more useful than ever!

Dreaming about travel? Looking for a great deal on airfares?
Know who to call if something goes wrong? article with six key tips on how to get the most value from your travel advisor.

Booking with a Travel Agent is more useful than ever!

Now in the time of Covid-19 and as we try to get our lives back to some semblance of normal, many people are dreaming again about traveling.

A Travel Agent like ourselves are your best defense and resource against the uncertainty of trip planning during this COVID-19 pandemic.

It is important that you have a travel advisor that can not only get you a great deal on airfare, but also which flights are less crowded, which airlines are better at social distancing and how to get you home quickly in case of any issues.

Travel technology has been easy in the past for consumers to book their own travel, otherwise by-passing the use of a Travel Agent. Now with the world locked down and travel so uncertain it is best to reach out to a travel advisor who has kept up with all of the changes and restrictions to travel right now. Travel policies of destinations and resort that have opened for business again, such in the Caribbean.

Everyone enjoys saving money and planning a trip seamlessly. 

But there are many other reasons outside of finding a deal, as to why customers should work with a travel advisor to ensure their trip is safe during this COVID world. Travel may be complicated for some time, but its rewards are no less fulfilling — and maybe even more necessary than ever in this age of anxiety.

In this environment, with the rules and regulations changing almost daily, with so many unknow factors to deal with, a trusted Travel Agent is so much more important now to have someone you trust on your side. A Travel Agent can check all of the current travel restrictions, testing processes and regulations,  e-visas, and health declaration requirements based on your origin, destination, and nationality both at the time of booking and within 48 hours of departure.

Here are six key tips on how to get the most value from your travel advisor:

1. Find someone with air fare experience (we have 30 years of domestic and international experience.).

2. Have you agent do every step of your travel, so if any issues arise they can be there immediately to help and not locked out due to not being the travel agent on record.

3. Plan in advance but expect those plans to change. The world is not yet fully out of the Covid-19 pandemic and hot spot areas are cropping up all the time, so your travel plans could most likely change.

4. Have a positive travel attitude. Changes have always been part of the travel industry and know that everyone is in the same boat per se. If your travel has to change or be cancelled, trust your travel agent will be your advocate to get you through any and all changes in your travel. Know that we will be working diligently to get all your travel changed and protected as quickly as possible.

5. Protect your travel investment. During this time of changes, getting travel protection is a wise investment. Some vendors will allow changes or cancellations and others have steep penalties. Knowing that your travel agent has been able to help you protect your travel investment allows you to take comfort in knowing that you are protected and will not suffer financially from any and all unknown circumstances.

6. Know who to call if something goes wrong. As your travel agent, we will provide you with contact numbers for different scenarios, such as your insurance, consulate telephone numbers, hotel or resort front desk numbers in case of delay, your credit card company etc. Provide your travel agent with your Emergency contact information if you need us to contact them for you. Compile a list of emergency numbers and print it out and keep it with you at all times.

Of course, we hope that nothing ever goes wrong, but it is always better to be safe.